In celebration of Winter Field Day, Stephen KJ5HY and I took a hike up to the second-highest mountain in the Catskills. I’ll share the beta and some promotions down below.

Title Image Hunter Mountain in the Winter

The Summit: Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain is an 10-point summit in the Catskills Park, close to Kaaterskill HP, of which I’m very fond, and right above the Hunter Mountain Ski Area. While we did see a lot of backcountry skiiers, we decided just to spike-hike it. Probably because we didn’t have backcountry skiis either.

Here’s a good travel guide. We chose the harder of the two routes and paid for it sorely. I would recommend crampons or ice axes or snowshoes but it’s a slog either way - there was snow up to our waist.

Trailhead Trailhead start


Typical gear list. I got set up quickly despite the cold.

Gear picture Gear Layout

  1. The N2WU Case-X2
  2. N2WU Key
  3. N2WU Mast
  4. 41/25 foot random wire
  5. CW Notebook and pen
  6. APRS-Enabled TM-D72A
  7. Kahtoola Microspikes
  8. Every warm layer I could possibly find

Total weight - 10-15 lbs.


Rough way up. Enjoy this spotlight of the Colonel’s Chair: Chair Colonel’s Chair Marker with the COL!


I put an early SOTA Alert for about 2hr 30 mins up. We were incredibly late due to the waist-high snow.

We got plenty of contacts thanks to winter field day. Worldwide!

Contact List

Callsign Band Time Location
F4WBN 20M CW 1711Z France
DJ5AV 20M CW 1720 Germany
KC4WZB 20M CW 1722 Georgia
WC0Y 20M CW 1722 Arkansas S2S
KU4R 20M CW 1722 North Carolina
K9WO 20M CW 1722 Wisconsin

Google Earth Spotlight

Spotlight: WFD for Hudson River Radio relay

This activation was a spotlight for Hudson River Radio Relay occurring in June. I made a quick video showing some of the contacts:



Winter Field day was a cold and rough outing. After a rendezvous at nearby Mama’s Boy Burgers, we quickly recovered for the rest of the day. Jersey Boy