Hi all, I’ve had quite the busy end to the semester and will soon be ramping up my SOTA activations. For those interested in spotting or tracking my progress, take a look at HamAlert with this step-by-step guide.


HamAlert is a push notification tool designed to send updates via SMS/Email/HTTPS when a callsign is spotted on the air. Just in terms of emergency alerts, it’s a handy backup notification feature so loved ones can monitor your progress on a remote backpacking trip based on your ham activity.

Essentially, as I progress through a backpacking route, people who are signed up on HamAlert will get an email each time I activate a new summit. Then they get essentially GPS updates as I go through my route.


Registration is simple. Go here and fill out the forms. Remember the CAPTCHA question - QRP means low power. Use the email you want to get emails at, and pick any username if you lack a callsign.


Set up a new filter by going to the triggers tab and adding a new trigger. Add the following fields:


That way you’ll get my updates when I operate CW (on most summits) and not when I’m walking around or get randomly spotted via APRS, the GPS tracking tool. Of course you won’t get my exact GPS position (try aprs) but you’ll get alerted that I’m still alive and well in the mountains.

Hope this helps, and thanks for keeping an eye out. I’m excited for my excursions this summer!